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What will happen if I use this form and I’m looking for an editor?

Effective July 3, 2020, you will NOT receive a response. Due to the volume of emails we receive from people who do not follow directions, it has become too time-consuming to keep fielding vague inquiries.

Therefore, any general questions about working with an editor, what to expect, general costs and rates, specific editors’ policies, procedures, availability, turnaround time, and requests for estimates or consultations via this form will be disregarded and deleted. Those types of questions need to be directed to the SPECIFIC and individual editor you are interested in partnering with on your project.

So, if an editor is what you want, simply follow directions. Use the individual editor’s estimate request form to introduce your project instead. Each editor will request from you the specific information needed to prepare an estimate; determine suitability, availability and turnaround time; and perform a sample edit (where applicable). When you do not provide sufficient information, you are wasting your time and ours.

What if my project isn’t fully finished and I’m not ready to request an estimate but just want to connect with an editor?

Most of us appreciate serious writers connecting early with a future completion date. That way we can keep you in mind as we schedule other projects. Reach out to the individual editor(s) whose background(s) and strengths best suit your project via her profile page. Do not use this form.