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All editors are not created equal. This site was created to help authors, academics, small business owners, consultants, bloggers, technical writers, medical writers, attorneys, organizations, and others in search of quality editorial support to find skilled and experienced pros that can get the job done—and done right.

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Additionally, select individuals you’ll meet here offer supplemental services related to the craft of writing and the business of publishing. 


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Editing is not easy. In its quest for clarity, continuity, and flow, effective editing is about so much more than simply identifying faulty punctuation, incorrect subject-verb agreement, awkward phrasing, or disorganized ideas.
Editing works by Black writers can often be even trickier, requiring innate mastery of the myriad colorful colloquialisms—the idioms, slang, jargon, and even patois—we may sprinkle throughout our spoken and written forms of expression. Other editors may perceive it as wrong and attempt to correct or ask the writer to explain what it means. Some may judge or view the writer in a negative light. This can be deeply frustrating for any writer, to say the least. ​

Simply put, the fact is that no one speaks our language nor innately understands our culture, our dialect, our perspectives—our unique voices—like we do. The Black editors listed in this directory not only understand you, we are trained in enhancing your writing and clarifying your message while maintaining all the flavor of your unique voice and style.

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It only just occurred to me how important it is to have my work reviewed by people who have more of a connection with the Black experience, which is universal for any Black person. Thank you all for being in existence.
Anthony O.
This directory is definitely needed. With a Black editor, I have a greater assurance that I will have a professional who understands standard written English and AAVE, as most of my characters speak.
Kevin Collins
The only thing better than having an editor peruse my work is having a gifted Black editor! I found my editor Tia Ross through this site, and I couldn't be happier with her as my editorial partner. She is a true gem!
Alayna Jarvis

Supporting Black editors and writers

Black Editors & Proofreaders and Black Writers Collective networks were founded on principles of umoja (unity); ujamaa (cooperative economics); nia (purpose); and kuumba (creativity)—the same principles that celebrate community, family, African American culture, and African heritage in the spirit of Kwanzaa year-round. We've built an integrated network of elite editors, gifted book coaches, amazing mentors, and talented writers and invite you to join us, whether as a member or a client.

Tia Ross, Founder

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