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As a writing workshop instructor with a decade of experience in higher education, I approach each project with curiosity. Since every book greatly benefits from developmental editing, I discover ways to improve good stories to great ones. Together, we’ll optimize the reader’s experience by clarifying your theme and ensuring your content is on point and memorable. The goal is to create an organic flow through polished storytelling without compromising your authentic voice and style.

Whether you plan to go through the independent or traditional publishing process, you owe it to yourself to create a book of the utmost quality. Let’s get you there!

I’m happy to provide a sample edit that demonstrates the impact of developmental editing on your manuscript. I deliver an editorial review that highlights the overuse of words and terms, repetitive syntax or grammatical errors, suggested solutions, and other ways to improve your reader’s experience.


Reading fiction is my favorite pastime of over thirty years. As a result, I’ve developed a keen eye for story and a knowledge of what does and doesn’t work in fiction writing. I’m a developmental editor of multiple award-winning novels and have a knack for big-picture storytelling. This process delves deeper into the editing journey and approaches the story from all aspects to maximize your story’s impact.

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