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Jessica Berry, Editor

Editing Services
Copyediting, Line editing, Proofreading

Working With Me

The last step before publishing
Corrections in spelling, grammar, punctuation, and typography
Checking obvious facts
Checking style guides and maintaining consistency

Copy Editing
Correcting typos, basic grammar, punctuation, word usage
Making style consistent: spelling, capitalization, hyphens, dashes, italics, ellipses, etc.
Flagging content inconsistency
Maintaining style consistency and language style
Verifying basic facts
Flagging plot holes, potential libel, potential copyright issues, confirmed anachronisms, and repetition (both content and verbal)
Flagging ambiguous vocabulary, awkward phrasing, and jargon and making suggestions
Flagging repetition and making suggestions

Line Editing
Copy editing
Suggesting improvements to word usage and scholarly tone (in the case of academic texts)
Addressing issues with flow, tone, clarity, and language
Flagging plot holes, potential libel, potential copyright issues, confirmed anachronisms, repetition (both content and verbal) and making suggestions
Correcting issues with coherency, repetitive word use, redundancy, and ambiguity
Basic formatting


J. Berry Editorial specializes in fantasy, science fiction, romance, and speculative fiction, from short stories to novels; however, I edit all genres.

I pride myself on keeping the author’s voice intact and assisting clients with publishing high-quality stories that resonate with readers while making the process as transparent and smooth as possible.

As far as education, I have a Bachelor of Arts in History and a Graduate Certificate in Human Resources Management. I also have a certificate in proofreading, copyediting, and line editing from Edit Republic. My education and experience provide me with skills in writing, research, critical thinking, communication, management, decision-making, and more.

In my free time, I enjoy reading fantasy and science fiction, along with romance and a non-fiction book here and there thrown in for good measure. I like to read a little of everything! Because reading is a passion of mine, I enjoy helping writers perfect their message. Contact me so we can get started polishing your next masterpiece!


Science fiction


Writing Services

Style Manuals
Associated Press Stylebook (AP)
Chicago Manual of Style (CMOS)

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Google Sheets
Microsoft PowerPoint
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