Freelance Editorial Rates

Editing and proofreading rates vary widely across fiction, nonfiction, business/marketing, and digital content editing projects. You can expect to pay more for specialized editing, such as legal, medical, scientific, financial, and technical. Most BEP editors tend to charge rates that fall within these ranges, although this is not intended to be a strict guide. It is merely to give you an idea of standard industry rates (according to the Editorial Freelancers Association).

Whether you choose a BEP editor or another, always collect multiple quotes and sample edits. Contact only those editors that offer the type of editing your project needs and carefully evaluate qualifications, years of experience, and expertise against any quotes you receive.

Price Per Word Price Per Page Price Per Hour Pages Per Hour
Proofreading, fiction $.02-.029 $2-$4 $25–$35 11–15
Proofreading, nonfiction $.02-.029 $2-$5 $30–$40 8–12
Proofreading, business/marketing/digital content $.04–$.049 $4-$8 $41–$45 7–12
Copyediting, fiction $.02–$.029 $3-$6 $30–$40 7–10
Copyediting, nonfiction $.03–$.039 $4-$7 $35–$45 6-10
Copyediting, business/marketing/digital content $.04–$.049 $5-$10 $46–$50 5-10
Developmental editing, fiction $.02–$.039 $6-$10 $46–$50 4–6
Developmental editing, nonfiction $.04–$.049 $8-$14 $51–$60 4–6
Developmental editing, business/marketing/digital content $.07–$.079 $10-$20 $51–$60 4–6