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Are you interested in joining the Black Editors & Proofreaders co-op directory?

Being a BEP editor means you handle your business like a true professional. This means being responsive to all direct inquiries in a timely manner, maintaining open lines of communication with clients throughout their projects, adhering to strict confidentiality policies regarding clients’ works, meeting deadlines and agreed-upon rates, and possessing the skill and expertise necessary to effectively and personally complete all projects that are contracted without secretly outsourcing to other or unqualified individuals.

BEP companies operate with valid business licenses, registered as independent editorial service providers. We run our companies with integrity and commitment to excellence. We maintain strict confidentiality pertaining to clients’ and prospective clients’ projects and do not forward any of clients’ materials to other editors or individuals outside of our network without prior written consent.

If this sounds like you, you should apply to join our co-op network!

Current Openings

We are currently accepting applications from independent freelance developmental, substantive, and line editors of fiction and nonfiction, beta readers, and manuscript analysts as well as book coaches. If that’s you, please apply.

We review applications on a rolling basis once per quarter. 

Basic Requirements

To apply, editors and proofreaders must have, at a minimum:

  • a valid business entity certificate in the name of the editorial services firm, whether LLC, DBA or other legal entity (a Tax/Employer ID number is a plus)
  • a website dedicated to your editorial services business or an “editorial services” page on a related business site, such as a writing or communications company
  • be an independent freelancer and not the owner or a member of an agency or team of editors
  • experience in every “genre” listed in your profile

Additional terms apply. Book editors must demonstrate experience with at least four (4) published books. Book coaches and developmental/substantive editors are required to provide three professional references from published projects that include contact name, dates of project, name of project, publication date, and details of work performed.

Stats is the top-ranked result in Google, Bing, Yahoo, and the other leading search engines for all of the most popular keywords, including “black editors,” “black proofreader,” “African American freelance editors,” etc. Additionally, searches for our primary keywords produces results that showcase our other properties in the top positions as well, all leading prospects to this directory and our listings.

Google also produces our website pages for users searching Google for the names of the editors listed here. Getting listed in our search engine optimized directory makes it much easier for those seeking Black freelance editors to find you via Google than your own independent website.

BEP is also listed in other recognized resources, including Editors of Color,, KOK’s Copyeditors Knowledge Base, Black Girls Who Write, and others, with nearly 600 backlinks and 87 referring domains.


Additional Benefit—CMOS Group Discount

In addition to helping to boost your brand and marketing reach, BEP offers a discounted subscription to Chicago Manual of Style Online. Rather than paying $41 per year, you would pay $30-$32 per year with our three-year group subscription.


The cost to be listed in the directory is $75 for the first year, plus a one-time $25 setup fee. Renewal for subsequent years will be at the then-current rate.

Ready to apply?

Don’t meet all the requirements?

If you possess the qualifications, but do not yet have a website, business formation, or the required minimum book references, WordWiser Ink may be hiring freelance line editors, copyeditors or proofreaders for subcontracting work, so check there.


If you’re a beginner seeking coaching or mentoring with setting up your business, let us know