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Transforming your gems into diamonds!

Joseph Editorial Services, LLC is a small business dedicated to providing professional editing services at affordable prices.  Your book represents you, your business, and your brand. It is essential that the published manuscript embodies those aspects flawlessly.  Joseph Editorial Services can assist you in achieving the perfect blend of clarity and creativity, enabling you to produce an exceptional product.

What I can do for you

I can help anyone who has a desire to write accomplish that goal. My editing style is unique. As an avid reader of many genres, I understand the nuances of the language used in each. In addition to the goal of producing an error free, grammatically correct product, I’ve added the need to stay true to the author’s voice to the editing process.

Another point that makes my process unique, is that I include proofreading in each service at no extra cost. This saves self-publishing authors time and money.


I offer three editing levels.

Level one is proofreading and addresses issues related to spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Level two is a unique mixture of copy and line editing that includes proofreading. This service corrects run-on sentences, redundancies, consistency issues, overused words and phrases, and confusing language. Level three is structural editing with proofreading. This edit addresses character development, plot, themes, voice/ point of view, pace, dialogue, flow, structure, and writing style.

All services include an editorial review that includes a manuscript review, suggested improvements, and structural issues with solutions to correct them for future writing. I also offer a free three-page edit that highlights each service, giving authors an opportunity to choose the editing level that works best for them.

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