Tia Ross, Editor & Proofreader

Tia Ross, Copyeditor

Founder • Editor

30-year veteran freelance editor, author and proofreader

• Founder & CEO: WordWiser Ink LLC
• Founder/Managing Editor: Black Editors & Proofreaders
• Founder: Black Writers Collective (blackwriters.org)
• Founder: Black Editors Network (blackeditors.net)

Accepting New Projects

Scheduling for July and beyond

Skills & Specialties

  • Style manuals: Chicago Manual of Style (CMOS), The Associated Press Stylebook (AP), and American Psychological Association (APA Publication Manual)
  • Company style guide creation
  • Microsoft Word, Adobe PDF editing, Pages, Libre Office, OpenOffice, Adobe InDesign, Final Draft, HTML/CSS content editing/markdown, WordPress, Drupal, SharePoint, and Dreamweaver
Tia Ross, Editor

Hi! I’m Tia Ross, a 30-year veteran copyeditor of fiction, nonfiction, business, technical, and legal publications. I work primarily with authors, content production teams for digital publishers, corporate executives, coaches, entrepreneurs, and professional societies.

As a literary editor, I offer special expertise in all aspects of dialogue, specifically tags, action beats, punctuation, and bringing flat, monotonous dialogue and excessive narrative (over-telling vs. showing) to life.

I view my editor role as not to simply perfect your content but an opportunity to teach clients who wish to improve their writing. What differentiates me from other editors is that I share with my clients insights into exactly why certain edits are suggested. I point out habitual grammatical weaknesses that persist throughout your work and offer clear instructions with examples to help you to identify and eliminate those from your writing going forward. As you review my edits, you’ll find yourself learning and growing as a writer as have many of my clients after working with me.

For authors, another benefit of selecting me as your editorial partner is that I offer resources and referrals to various critical publishing partners to help you to achieve your goals more easily and cost-effectively.

Want to work with me?

Getting your full-length fiction or nonfiction work into my editorial calendar requires some advance planning, so be sure to reach out to me early (30-60 days before your preferred start date) to reserve your space. It’s extremely rare that I can fit in a manuscript of 60K+ words with a few weeks’ notice. When contacting me, be sure to include an excerpt of your work and the total word count. I can’t answer your questions about my availability or fee without both.

What I can do for you

I specialize in making your words work for you and saving you from the embarrassment of those that don’t. I provide the elite level of accuracy, thoroughness, expertise, and value you deserve. My goal is to eliminate errors that detract from your work while enhancing your distinct style and maintaining your voice.


Proofreading involves checking for errors in grammar, spelling, punctuation, numerals, capitalization, layout, formatting, line and letter spacing, dialogue treatment, and breaks (line, paragraph, section, page, and chapter).

Copyediting includes all checks covered by proofreading and further encompasses word usage, repetition, confusing similarities, faulty organization, redundancies, improbable actions, character and dialogue issues, basic factual errors, inconsistencies, structural flaws, and gaps in logic.


I do not currently provide developmental editing, heavy substantive editing or book coaching services. Contact me after your work has been professionally edited and you’re ready for it to be polished, perfected, and conformed to Chicago, APA, or AP style.

Specialist/Subject Areas

Fiction & Nonfiction Genres

  • anthologies and short-form collections
  • historical
  • mainstream
  • screenplays and play scripts
  • science fiction, fantasy, fairy tale, and paranormal
  • thriller, mystery, and suspense
  • women’s
  • young adult/coming-of-age

• • •

  • autobiography, biography, and memoir
  • cookbook
  • health/fitness
  • how-to
  • reference
  • self-help
  • travel

Not accepted:

Poetry of any kind, western, apocalyptic, graphic, LGBTQ, erotica, religious or horror

Business, Technical & Legal Subject Areas

  • applications development
  • business, small business and entrepreneurship
  • civil and corporate law
  • computer & digital forensics
  • event production and management
  • information architecture
  • information management
  • information science
  • information technology
  • leadership, management and supervision
  • network engineering
  • nonprofit/government
  • online help systems
  • project management
  • training and development
  • usability/user experience
  • web development
  • wikis and knowledge base

With my background as a coder, I can edit and proofread websites, blogs, and applications within your code. These advanced skills save you the time and trouble of having to export it for me.

What Clients Say

“One of the most courageous things I’ve ever done is to allow others to play voyeur to my most private thoughts by memorializing them in a series of books. I knew that I would be selling myself short if I did not entrust my work to an editor with the integrity, experience, and professionalism to make a good writer a great one–an editor like “the” incomparable Tia Ross. I say the name with reverence because that is how the news was received when I made mention of Tia to one of the local bookstore owners who carry my books. Her stellar reputation precedes her.

Tia’s reliability, work ethic, and extraordinary skills as an editor are only surpassed by her generosity of spirit and her willingness to share her vast store of knowledge with others to ensure their success. I am a better writer because of her. Thank you, Tia, for your guidance. Thank you for sharing your resources. And thank you so very much for the fantastic job you do with my novels.

If you are a serious writer and want to elevate a good manuscript to a great one, you need the best editor in the industry. You need Tia Ross.” – Carolyn Holland, Author

“The first year of law school means legal writing 101, which for me meant many sleepless nights…until Tia. As an expert editor of everything from fiction to legal and business docs, Tia was able to help me not only in law school but in my professional pursuits after the bar. Tia’s professionalism, skill and talent have been invaluable to me and so many others that I have referred. Her quick turnaround and insightful feedback have made me a better lawyer and writer. If you have a project that needs editing, do yourself a favor and hire Tia Ross.” – Detra Hicks, Esq.

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