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Shaundale Rénā, Editor

Editing Services
Developmental editing, Line editing, Substantive editing

Working With Me

What I Can Do for You

I provide premier content development and substantive editing services that help others to use their voice and find their flow. As a professional editor of nearly 10 years, I do three times the work so that you don’t have to by:

1. Performing both in-line substantive and developmental editing.
2. Providing a multi-page editorial letter, covering global issues, such as content, structure, narrative flow, voice, tone, and readability.
3. Offering a one-on-one presentation of your editorial review in order to create your best draft.
4. Polishing all copies with moderate line editing (via electronic tracked changes) to revise or remove inconsistent and repetitive phrasing, inappropriate verb tense, and/or incorrect word choices, spelling, and usage (diction), grammar, subject-verb agreement, and transitional phrases, as well as consistency, clarity, style, and pacing.


Who I Am

With 35+ years of writing experience, I am finally living my dream as an international award-winning and bestselling author. I get to write, write, and write some more! Like a midwife to your birthing experience, it is my goal as a developmental editor to help you deliver your best work and to present your best self. I’ve been a writer since I was 12. Now, I breathe new life into others’ projects.

I earned a bachelor’s degree in Computer Information Systems from Grambling State University and a certification in Technical Writing from the University of Texas at Arlington. A professional by day and an artist by night, I balance both worlds by watching all things Marvel and DC and celebrate my first novel, Second Time Around, debuting as a Crystal Award-winner for best newcomer on (2016).


Autobiography and memoir
Creative nonfiction

Other Services
Author coaching
Content review
Manuscript critique
Query, proposal, and/or submission review
Sensitivity reading

Writing Services

Just one more thing...

Let me tell you what’s missing so that your readers don’t feel cheated. Topics include:


*Wellness + Christianity + Spirituality + Devotionals
*Relationships + Personal Development + Self-Help
*Mental Health + Psychology + Mindfulness + Conscious Living
*Entrepreneurship + Leadership + Business


*Historical Fiction + Fantasy Fiction + Romantic Comedy + Short Stories
*Young Adult + Teens

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